The cost of Lumineers: Is it Affordable?

Lumineers can help those individuals who have to constantly hide their smile. Lumineers can be used in place of braces or for those people that have cracked or chipped, misshapen, discolored or stained teeth. Because this procedure requires little to no tooth preparation the Lumineers procedure is pain free and a great solution that can get you smiling again. For those people that have a fear of the dentist and have avoided getting veneers due to the fear of a painful procedure, they can be rest assured that the Lumineers process will not require any anesthetic and pain medication afterwards.

The cost of Lumineers: Will dental insurance cover this procedure?

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Unfortunately, most dental insurance policies will not cover the cost of the procedure, since it is considered a cosmetic procedure and is not deemed medically necessary. This also applied to the veneers procedure as well. However, you dentist may be able to determine if the condition of your teeth would potentially justify coverage from your dental insurance. You will then need to petition the insurance company’s decision to deny the procedure request for coverage.  cost of lumineers

The cost of Lumineers: how affordable is it?

The price of Lumineers is typically quoted at a fixed cost per individual Lumineers. The price for Lumineers will range in prices of 800$ per tooth to 1100$ per tooth, based on the dentists rate. Because there is little to no tooth preparation for Lumineers like there is with the traditional veneers the price is significantly less, as there will be no need for several appointments with your dentist to prep your teeth for Lumineers application. Traditional veneers have a price range of 900$ to 2500$ per tooth. The cost of Lumineers will also depend on where you live, as places that have a higher cost of living, such as California and New York will have higher rates for medical and dental treatments.

The cost of Lumineers: Is it worth it?

Lumineers gilbert az are estimated to last a person up to twenty years, while veneers have been estimated to last a person ten to fifteen. This will not be a permanent solution to the appearance of your teeth as they will need to be replaced several years down the line, but with the fact they can last you two decades, this can definitely be considered in an investment in your smile and give you back your self-confidence.

cost of lumineers

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